Regen is a movie based on a true story about a dying twelve year-old in Tennessee, and how he impacts his community and the world. Regen is the youngest son in the family and an avid tennis and basketball player. A neurological disease causes painful tumors and it constricts his facial muscles leaving a permanent smile on Regen’s face. That smiling face, no matter how painful or embarrassing it was for him, brought Regen fame in his own small town, throughout the state and eventually (and quickly) across the planet. “Rootin’ 4 Regen” became a slogan that was repeated by politicians, celebrities, church members and people in the corporate world and it became a compelling reminder that we should all be thankful and joyful no matter what situation we might be in.

The movie was beautiful and brought tears to packed houses. The direction, by Jason Campbell and Timothy E. Goodwin, was right on the money and so was the very subtle and sterling camera work by Sharath Chandra. He’s the same guy whose beautiful work behind the lens was seen in other films such as Shake Off The World, Forced To Kill, Major, Pale Horse and Borderland, to offer up just a pinch of his very nice work.

Sharath, originally from India, studied filmmaking at the International Academy of Film & Television in the Philippines, and the famous New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He has been working professionally ever since.

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