An Interesting Interview with Kool Focus

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Q : What are some of your thoughts on where the music industry is going?

Kool Focus : Well, its definitely more independent now. You got be popping now in order to get a deal. Its not talent anymore. That’s the only thing I’m not feeling.


Q : How long have you been making music and what inspires you to continue giving your best?

Kool Focus : Its been over a decade lol since I started making music. I love music, so that along makes me give it my all.


Q : Do you have any other hidden talent?

Kool Focus : Yes I use to love to draw. I was very good at it, and I’m sure I still am. Just haven’t had the time too. I drew my record label (OCC Records) logo. Had pictures in MSU from compeitions I won. I’ll definitely get back to it one day.


Q : Who are some of your favorite celebrities that you enjoy following?

Kool Focus : To be real, I don’t have any favorite celebrities that I follow. I followed some celebrities that i came across. That’s about it, to focus on trying to get where I need to be.



Q : If you could do one song with anyone who would it be and why?

Kool Focus : Right now I’ll have to say Cardi B. Her personality A-1 and she’s super funny lol. Plus she one of the hotties right. & I love Female rappers.


Q : Your 2018 Plans?

Kool Focus : Putting out more Singles, Mixtapes & Videos. Headed to the top. I’m ready for the world to know who Kool Focus is.


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