Céline Schmink and Rootsy Bluesy Camden : The striking duality of feelings

Céline Schmink and her newest improvisational video of her newest song “Rootsy Bluesy Camden” is definitely something you need to hear and see. A relatively new talent who has received high praise for style and concept, Céline Schmink, may not be yet well known in the U. S. but her single a month style has gotten her noticed in Europe, Australia, Asia, and some of the more progressive audiences in the United States.

The music is absolutely original in style and texture. A striking blend of blues, a little pop, Elvis, and French-country if you will, makes the song haunting and hard to forget. The guitar work is excellent. No editing enhancement of the guitar work of an unnamed rootsy guitarist from the United Kingdom is in evidence. You get to see the man’s hands a lot and that always gives away true ability.

The setting is the artist’s home in Paris. A living room dedicated to music and art is the backdrop to a simple presentation by the barefoot singer in a slightly modest red dress. The singer, the microphone, and the guitar player are all that you see. A simple setting for a song that involves complex emotions and passionate examination of the spirituality of loss, love, and parting in relationships.

The song itself is mysterious and dark in a way. The guitar work livens up the mood but the feel is one of sadness and at the same time a simple hope. The piece is obviously about leaving. There are hints that it is a lover. The duality of feelings is reflected in the chorus that compares diametric opposites as a process and not a finish.

Céline Schmink and Rootsy Bluesy Camden : The striking duality of feelings_www.fmag.club

The feelings of travel as a way to escape is a definite undertone to the song. The mood is reflected very well by short cover over video of the guitarist at Camden Lock and other appropriate places mentioned in the video.

Céline Schmink’s rising presence in the French music scene is reflected by her recent appearance on the long running and highly popular French television comedy show hosted by Jacky.

Schmink is as innovative in her promotion as she is in her art. She can do TV, make a video in your home, or sing in your club. She presents the essential out of the studio artistic approach that independent musicians have today. The intimate relationship with an audience is reflected in her video and her promotional campaigns.

For those who do not do French, you can translate the words using Siri or something like it. The song is worth the trouble. The sound is different and at the same time familiar. You cannot help feeling something when you listen.

International stardom seems to be the path for Céline Schmink. This new song is proof that her unique feel for music, understanding of emotion, and knowledge of the power that music has to make people feel can make a humble person a power to be reckoned with.


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