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Katherine Appello Inspiration the blog and holistic ministry seeks to bring content and products that will help to inspire healing in various aspects of self and light.

Ms. Appello believes we are more than just a lump of cells, we have the physical self, but we also have a spirit, soul, consciousness that can transcend time and space.  We have the ability to create, create beautiful things in life.

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Sometimes life gets in the way, as well as our own patterns played out for years.  What this blog aims to do is empower and inspire greater interconnection o the heart, body and soul.  Besides enlightening content via the blog posts, we also offer e-books and aromatherapy products such as oils, and diffusers to enhance the prayer and meditation experience etc.… Ms. Appello has sought to bring inspiration through posts such as Points of Wellness, What Will Be Our Last Words, as well as songs and poems by Ms. Appello such as I Carry Me With You.  Even in songs and poems, there is a striving to empower, to inspire, bring reflection and awareness.

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Addressing all aspects of the self is part of the holistic journey of wellness.  If you are looking for a platform that addresses the heart, spirit, body and the soul, then you need to go to




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