Interview with Yunique

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Q : During your early childhood what inspired you to start making music?

Yunique : I have always loved music and knew I wanted to pursue it but was very shy about it. I would say it was during my high school years when I started off in a small independent group and saw how passionate one of my friends who was part of the group was about his music is what motivated me to push for it more.


Q : Your top 5 Favorite Albums

Yunique : Lemonade by Beyoncé, I decided by big sean, 24k magic by Bruno mars, Trigga by Trey Songz, and Anti by Rihanna.


Q : Yunique is a great name. What made you come up with this name?

Yunique : The name was fun,cute and a little edgy and plus I always considered myself to be unique in my own way.


Q : Who are some of your favorite celebrities that you enjoy following?

Yunique : Beyonce, bryshere gray from tv show Empire, Taraji P Henson, Rotimi from tv show Power, nicki Minaj just to name a few.


Q : If you could change one thing about the fashion industry what would you change?

Yunique : Honestly I don’t think I would want to change anything because style is always set to change and expand every style has its own time and always circles back around with a different edge to it.


Q : Your 2018-2019 Plans?

Yunique : My 2018/2019 plan is to release my first EP called “Heartbreak”, collab with a lot of artists, start looking into touring, and just continuing growing my brand even more.


You can follow me on fb at Yuniquethesinger and on twitter at lovelyandsmall. My first single called “Your loss” under the name Yunique is on iTunes and other digital sites and you can also check it out on my fb page as well.



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