Talk With Tara Lynn

Being a Louisiana lady through and through is what sets Tara Lynn apart from many. Born and raised in the Greater New Orleans area, Tara Lynn Nelson began her early days in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, a coastal town that sits near the center of the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s largest international ports. Given the close pro imity to the City of New Orleans, Tara Lynn soaked up all of the culture that surrounded her. She is a unique, driven and passionate wife, mother, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who earned a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. This warm, charming lady draws people into her presence organically, as people are naturally drawn to her light. It is for these reasons that it is a certainty that her media company and she are destined to become a globally recognized brand.

The Talk With Tara Lynn Show was birthed out of hard work and pure intentions. In 2010, Tara Lynn began utilizing Facebook as her platform. The sheer amount of positive responses and interactions she began receiving almost immediately signaled that she was onto something. As a young and ambitious African-American woman, Tara Lynn strives to stay positive, while setting her brand apart from other platforms. Having watched her mother’s tenacity and knack for obtaining everything she strived for, Tara Lynn developed and began e ecuting her plan for success. Thus far, it has brought countless opportunities into her path – so many quality connections that she can honestly say the journey has been even greater than what she envisioned. She most recently interviewed legendary Hip Hop superstar Styles P, as well as Karlie Redd from Love and Hip Hop – Atlanta. Tara Lynn is built for this!

In addition to the celebrities whose lives she chronicles, Tara Lynn has a heart for enabling youth to live up to their full potential. She is not only passionate about that idea, but she also founded Nu Life Opportunities, a non-profit that focuses on helping at-risk youth. She is e cited to be able to put her advanced degree to work helping shape some futures.

Tara Lynn looks up to Oprah, Wendy Williams and Jason Lee as media mentors and is confident that one day her brand will grow to be just as recognized and respected. She keeps herself busy, never allowing an opportunity for growth to pass her by. Tara Lynn is truly a multi-faceted woman who cannot be stopped. Sukce it to say, Tara Lynn is preparing to take her place among the media superstars of this generation!


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